July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017
Grants are reported on the basis of the effective date of the agreement.


Strategic Direction 2. Support the creation/expansion and effective management of protected areas in the priority corridors.
Strengthening the Integrated Territorial Management for Protected Areas of the Mosaic Sertão Veredas Peruaçu, Brazil
World Wide Fund for Nature—Brazil


Strategic Direction 3. Promote and strengthen supply chains associated with the sustainable use of natural resources and ecological restoration in the hotspot.
Cerrado Supply-Chain Innovation through Municipal-Scale Planning, Policy and Capacity Building
World Wide Fund for Nature—Brazil


Cerrado Waters Consortium: A Network for Ecosystem Services Provisioning and Agricultural Sustainability
IMAFLORA—Instituto de Manejo e Certificação Florestal e Agrícola

East Melanesian Islands

Strategic Direction 1. Empower local communities to protect and manage globally significant biodiversity at priority Key Biodiversity Areas underserved by current conservation efforts.
Empowering the People of Pobuma to Design Conservation Actions on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea
Tawi-Asi Resource Network

Forest Conservation Through Payment for Environmental Services (PES) on Three Sites in Choiseul, Solomon Islands
Natural Resources Development Foundation Trust Board Inc.

Strengthen Local Conservation Networks to Respond to Threats within the Santo Mountain Chain in Vanuatu
The Edenhope Foundation

Strengthening Community Conservation Governance of Mount Tabuwamasana in Vanuatu
Live & Learn Vanuatu


Supporting Innovative Financing for Biodiversity Conservation through Piloting Eco-Certification for Tourism in Vanuatu

Nakau Programme Ltd.

Strategic Direction 2. Integrate biodiversity conservation into local land-use and development planning.
Scoping Legal Training Needs in Priority Sites to Promote the Establishment of Protected Areas, Baining Mountains and Central Manus, Papua New Guinea
Centre for Environmental Law and Community Inc.

Strategic Direction 3. Safeguard priority globally threatened species by addressing major threats and information gaps.
Building Capacity in Monitoring and Management of the Leatherback Turtles in ‘Are’are, Solomon Islands
Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation Registered Trust Board Inc.

Conservation of the Endemic Flying Foxes of Torba and Temotu in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands
Vanuatu Environmental Science Society


Strategic Direction 4. Increase local, national and regional capacity to conserve biodiversity through catalyzing civil society partnerships.
Building the Capacity of Kwaio Communities in the Solomon Islands to Strengthen Indigenous Knowledge and Conservation Management
James Cook University

Organization and Management of the Papua New Guinea Grantee Exchange
World Wide Fund for Nature—Pacific

Promoting Gender Equity for Conservation Initiatives Through Catalyzing a Women’s Environmental Network Across CEPF Priority Sites in Vanuatu
Island Reach Committee Inc.

Strengthening the Governance and Capacity of Kahua Association for Biodiversity Conservation in the Solomon Islands
Kahua Association Trust Board Inc. 

Eastern Afromontane

Strategic Direction 1. Mainstream biodiversity into wider development policies, plans and projects to deliver the co-benefits of biodiversity conservation, improved local livelihoods and economic development in priority corridors.
Conservation and Forest Management in the Mafinga Hills Priority Key Biodiversity Area of Zambia
Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia

Discovering the Hidden Treasure of Itombwe Natural Reserve in Democratic Republic of Congo
World Wide Fund for Nature—Democratic Republic of Congo

Empowering Youth While Raising Awareness for Sustainable Conservation of Gishwati Key Biodiversity Area in Rwanda
Nature Rwanda

Ensuring Long-Term Sustainability of Zambia’s Nsumbu National Park and Tondwa Game Management Area Key Biodiversity Area Through Strengthening the Role of Village Action Groups
Conservation Lake Tanganyika

Fish Inventory in Chimanimani Mountains Key Biodiversity Area, Mozambique
Museu de Historia Natural de Maputo

Implementing Adaptive Conservation Strategies at Mount Chiperone Key Biodiversity Area, Mozambique US$15,664
Verde Azul Lda

Misuku Hills Art Challenge in Malawi
Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative

Producing Communication Materials on Project Impacts, Sheka Zone, Southern National, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region, Ethiopia

God for People Relief and Development Organisation

Rapid Faunal Assessment (Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals) in the Nono-Sale and Garba-Dima Forest Priority Areas, Ilu-Ababor Zone, Southwestern Ethiopia
Mettu University, Ethiopia


Telling Pictures for the Eastern Afromontane Key Biodiversity Areas
Pixels on Screen

‘Touchwood’—Raising Global Awareness of the Value of Tanzania’s Southern Key Biodiversity Areas
Wildlife Conservation Society

Strategic Direction 2. Improve the protection and management of the Key Biodiversity Area network throughout the hotspot.
Biological Surveys of the Gishwati Forest in Rwanda
The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

Enhancing Environmental Regulations in Safeguarding Lake Ol Bolossat Key Biodiversity Area in Kenya
East African Wildlife Society

Enhancing the Understanding of the Gishwati Natural Forest Ecosystem and Local Support to its Conservation in Rwanda
Forest of Hope Association

Identify New Eastern Afromontane Key Biodiversity Area on the Njesi Plateau in Mozambique
Biodiversity Inventory for Conservation

Identifying a New Eastern Afromontane Key Biodiversity Area at Nou National Forest Reserve in Tanzania
Missouri Botanical Garden

Promoting Energy-Efficient Stoves for Sustainable Conservation of Rwanda’s Cyamudongo Forest, Phase Two
Association Rwandaise des Ecologistes

Strengthening the Capacity of District Multi-Stakeholder Teams for Sustainability in Conservation of the Malagarasi River System in Tanzania
Nyakitonto Youth for Development Tanzania

Threatened Mammal and Bird Species of Key Biodiversity Areas in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia: Biological Survey on Distribution and Conservation Status in Three CEPF Priority Key Biodiversity Areas (Aliyu-Amba, Ankober-Debresina and Guassa Plateau)
Bees for Development Ethiopia


Threatened Mammal and Bird Species of Key Biodiversity Areas in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia: Biological Survey on Distribution and Conservation Status in Three CEPF Priority Key Biodiversity Areas (Aliyu-Amba, Ankober-Debresina and Guassa Plateau)
University of Gondar

Updating Information on Trigger Species for Stapleford Forest Biodiversity Area in Zimbabwe
BirdLife Zimbabwe

Identify New Eastern Afromontane Key Biodiversity Areas (Ribáuè and Inago) and Update Priority Status of Mount Chiperone Key Biodiversity Area in Mozambique

Upgrade Biodiversity Importance Status of Dedza Forest Reserve Key Biodiversity Area in Malawi
Wildlife Action Group

Upgrade Biodiversity Importance Status of Sof Omar Key Biodiversity Area in Ethiopia
Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Upgrade Biodiversity Importance Status of Zomba Mountains Key Biodiversity Area in Malawi
National Herbarium and Botanic Gardens

Using Biodiversity Surveys, Website and Film to Promote the Value of the Kabobo Massif for Conservation Support in Democratic Republic of Congo
Museo delle Scienze di Trento (The Science Museum of Trento)

Strategic Direction 3. Initiate and support sustainable financing and related actions for the conservation of priority Key Biodiversity Areas and corridors.
Capacity-Building Workshops in Ethiopia for CEPF Grantees
ZESMAN Consultancy

Guinean Forests of West Africa

Strategic Direction 1. Empower local communities to engage in sustainable management of 40 priority sites and consolidate ecological connectivity at the landscape scale.
From Bee-Burners to Beekeepers: Supporting Community Beekeeping Organization in Príncipe
US$199,249 Fauna & Flora International

Mobilization of Local Communities for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Touguissoury, Guinea
Guinée Ecologie

Ukpom-Okom Community Mangrove Restoration and Tree Planting Project, Nigeria
Society for Women and Vulnerable Groups Empowerment


Strategic Direction 2. Mainstream biodiversity conservation into public policy and private sector practice in the nine conservation corridors, at local, subnational and national levels.
Mainstreaming Site-Scale Ecosystem Values into Local Decision-Making in Ghana
Ghana Wildlife Society

Strategic Direction 3. Safeguard priority globally threatened species by identifying and addressing major threats and information gaps.
Creation of First Marine Protected Area in Côte d’Ivoire

Conservation des Espèces Marines

Determining Distribution, Density and Connectivity of Threatened Tortoises in Nigeria
Biodiversity Preservation Centre


National Herbarium of São Tomé: Establishing a Reference for the Study and Conservation of Plants of São Tomé and Principe
University of Coimbra

Promoting Endangered Primate Conservation in Three Forest Reserves in Ghana
Presbyterian University College Ghana

Strategic Direction 4. Build the capacity of local civil society organizations, including indigenous people’s, women’s and youth groups, to conserve and manage globally important biodiversity.
Strengthening Capacity of Local Communities to Sustainably Manage Mount Nimba’s Natural Resources in Guinea
Initiative de Base pour la Gestion des Ressources Naturelles


Strategic Direction 4. Empower local communities to engage in conservation and management of priority Key Biodiversity Areas.
Conserving the Biodiversity of the Smaller Indaw Lake, Sagaing Region, Myanmar
Kadu Youth Development Association (KYDA)

Environmental Education Program in Floating Villages Around the Prek Tonle Core Area of Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve, Cambodia


Phase II: Building Sustainability for the Mekong Turtle Conservation Project in Kratie, Cambodia
Wildlife Conservation Society

Pilot Dissemination of the Lao Biodiversity Conservation Law to Four Communities at Priority Site Pakxan Wetland
Association for Community Training and Development

Piloting Community-Based Initiatives for Conservation of Hoolock Gibbon in the Indawgyi Watershed, Myanmar
The Northern Green Lights

Securing Local Participation in Conservation of River Turtles in Myanmar
Turtle Survival Alliance

Strategic Direction 6. Engage key actors in mainstreaming biodiversity, communities and livelihoods into development planning in the priority corridors.
Demonstration Project on the Eco-Farming of Hele-Crab in Mangrove Forest in China
Hainan Hele-crab Conservation Center


Empowering Civil Society and Governmental Agencies to Mainstream Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Values into Development Plans for the Chindwin River Basin, Myanmar
Stockholm Environment Institute

Ensuring Better Biodiversity and Community Outcomes in the Nam Ou, Lao PDR
International Rivers Network

Facilitating Civil Society Participation in the Implementation of Cambodia’s Environmental Code
Vishnu Law Group

Mainstreaming Effective Conservation Models into Cambodia’s Environmental Code
Wildlife Conservation Society

Mainstreaming Karst Biodiversity Conservation into Policies, Plans and Business Practices in the Ayeyarwady Basin, Myanmar
Fauna & Flora International

Providing Incentives for Conservation in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve, and Stung Seng and Boeung Tonle Chhmar Core Zones through Sustainable Livelihoods in Responsible Tourism
Wild Cambodia Organisation

Strategic Direction 8. Strengthen the capacity of civil society to work on biodiversity, communities and livelihoods at regional, national, local and grassroots levels.
Capacity Building on Integrated Development Project for Nongovernmental Organizations in the Indo-Burma Hotspot
Yunnan Synetics Partnership for Civil Organization Development


Enhancing Community Participation in Watershed Management and Biodiversity Conservation in Four River Basins, Phang Nga Province, Thailand
Andaman Organization for Participatory Restoration of National Resources

Hou Niao Volunteer Program—Promoting a Coastal Wetland Volunteer Network in Guangxi, China
Guangxi Biodiversity Research and Conservation Association

Indigenous Community Media in Cambodia
Conserve Indigenous Peoples Languages

Network Building for Community-Based Approaches to Natural Resources Management in Trat Province, Thailand
Sustainable Development Foundation

Strengthening the Capacity of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Strengthening Women Networks and Community for Biodiversity Conservation in Thailand’s Trang Province
Save Andaman Network Foundation

Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands

Strategic Direction 1. Empower local communities to protect and manage biodiversity in priority Key Biodiversity Areas.
“My Lake Tseny, I Protect the Damba,” Local Development and Protection of Endemic Fish in Madagascar’s Lake Tseny

Madagasikara Voakajy

Conservation and Integrated Development Towards Sustainable Valorization of Endemic Fish in the Complex of Wetlands of North-West Madagascar
Association des Producteurs Privés d’Alevins (APPA)

Conserving Biodiversity of Anjouan through a Landscape Development Model

Developing Community-Based Conservation in Madagascar’s Ambato-Boeny-Maevatanana Forests and Wetlands
The Aspinall Foundation

Enhancing Local Management and Biodiversity Conservation in Madagascar’s Tsimembo-Manambolomaty Protected Area

The Peregrine Fund

Mauritian Fruit Bat—A Tool for Forest Regeneration
Ecosystem Restoration Alliance Indian Ocean

Preserving Fragile Ecosystems Through Community-Based Fire Management and Education Program in Ankarafantsika National Park, Northwest Madagascar
Planet Madagascar

Program of Action for a Sustainable Ylang-Ylang Industry in Comoros
Association 2 Mains


Starting Ecotourism for the Ibity New Protected Area in Madagascar
Missouri Botanical Garden

Structuring and Strengthening the Fikambanana Bongolava Maitso Association for the Effective Management of the New Protected Area of Bongolava in Madagascar
Fikambanana Bongolava Maitso

Supporting Association Fikambanana Sakaizan-Ravelobe for the Protection of Madagascar’s Lake Ravelobe
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Supporting Local Communities for the Fight Against Deforestation of the Tsimembo Forest, Madagascar
The Peregrine Fund

Sustainable, Locally Led Mangrove Management and Restoration in Madagascar’s Bay of Assassins
Velondriake Association

Sustainable Management of Lake Ihotry Natural Resources, Part of the Mangoky-Ihotry Complex New Protected Area, Madagascar

Asity Madagascar

Traditional Knowledge Valorization and Restoration of Heritage Species in the Classified Forest of Vohibola in Madagascar
Groupe des Spécialistes des Plantes de Madagascar

Strategic Direction 2. Enable civil society to mainstream biodiversity and conservation into political and economic decision-making.
Advancing Ecosystem Restoration, Ecotourism and Threatened Species Recovery Through Nongovernmental Organization, University and Private Sector Partnerships in Seychelles
Island Biodiversity & Conservation


Baseline Mapping of Plant Diversity, Land Use and Fire History, for Effective Management of Biodiversity in Itremo Massif and Ambatofinandrahana, Central Highlands, Madagascar

Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre

Green Accounting for the Sustainable Management of Madagascar’s Protected Areas and Parks
Institut et Observatoire de Géophysique d’Antananarivo (IOGA)

Setting up an Information System for the Madagascar Biodiversity Hotspot
Association du Réseau des Systèmes d’Information (ARSIE)

Strengthening the System of Environmental Indicators for Monitoring the Environment in Madagascar and Updating the Environmental Dashboard of Menabe Region
Office National pour l’Environnement

Testing Drone for High Resolution, 3D Mapping of Silhouette Island, Seychelles US$19,985
TFC International

Strategic Direction 3. Strengthen civil society capacity at local and regional levels through training, exchanges and regional cooperation.
Strengthening Civil Society Organizations’ Capacity for Improved Conservation and Sustainability in the Hotspot
Tropical Biology Association

Tropical Andes

Strategic Direction 1. Improve protection and management of 36 priority Key Biodiversity Areas to create and maintain local support for conservation and to mitigate key threats.
Community Forest Conservation in the Northeast Biodiversity Corridor in Peru

Earthquake Reconstruction Planning for Three Chachi Indigenous Communities in the Mache-Chindul Ecological Reserve of Ecuador
Fundación para el Desarrollo de Alternativas Comunitarias de Conservación del Trópico

Fostering Altitudinal Connectivity and Conservation in the Cotacachi–Awa Conservation Corridor of Ecuador
Fundacion Altropico

Management and Species Recovery Planning in the Serranía del Pinche Key Biodiversity Area of Colombia
Fundacion Ecohabitats

Management Planning and Protection for Biodiversity Conservation and Watershed Management of Cotapata Key Biodiversity Area in Bolivia
Mancomunidad de Municipios del Norte Paceño Tropical

Multi-Stakeholder Management Planning and Governance Strengthening for the San Antonio Key Biodiversity Area in Colombia
Corporación para la Gestión Ambiental Biodiversa

Preparation of a Management Plan for the Planada Nature Reserve in the Pialapí Pueblo Indigenous Reserve, Colombia
Resguardo Pialapí Pueblo Viejo

Preparation of a Participatory Management Plan for Río Ñambí Nature Reserve, Colombia
Fundación Ecológica los Colibríes de Altaquer


Promoting the Protection of Water Ecosystem Services in San Lorenzo Municipality as a Vehicle to Strengthen Legal Protection and Multisectorial Collaboration to Conserve Awacachi Key Biodiversity Area in Ecuador
Fauna & Flora International

Securing Legal Protection of Alto Nangaritza Forest Reserve in Ecuador
Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional

Strengthening Community Management for the Sustainable Development and Conservation of Intag Toisan Key Biodiversity Area of Ecuador
Fundacion Prodeci a Favor de los Derechos Ciudadanos

Strengthening Community Management of Yunguilla—Santa Lucia Conservation and Sustainable Use Area in Ecuador
Corporación Microempresarial Yunguilla

Strengthening Legal Protection and Connectivity for Paramo del Duende Key Biodiversity Area in Colombia, Phase I
Fundación Ecológica Fenicia Defensa Natural

Strengthening Management and Participatory Planning in Three Key Biodiversity Areas within the Quito Metropolitan District in Ecuador
Consorcio para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Ecorregion Andina-Condesan

Strengthening Protection and Improving Management in Shuar Arutam Territory in Cordillera del Cóndor, Ecuador
Corporacion Ecopar

Strategic Direction 2. Mainstream biodiversity conservation into public policies and development plans in seven corridors to support sustainable development, with a focus on subnational governments.
Promoting Reciprocal Watershed Agreements for Biodiversity Conservation in 27 Communities of the Madidi-Pilón Lajas-Cotapata Conservation Corridor of Bolivia
Fundación Natura Bolivia


Strategic Direction 3. Promote local stakeholder engagement and the integration of social and environmental safeguards into infrastructure, mining and agriculture projects to mitigate potential threats to the Key Biodiversity Areas in the seven priority corridors.
Mainstreaming Conservation Strategies into Municipal Planning for the Kosñipata-Carabaya Key Biodiversity Area in Peru
Fundación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (PRONATURALEZA)

Mitigating Pressure on Natural Resources and Biodiversity in Earthquake Reconstruction in Muisne, Ecuador
Ecociencia Ecuador

Strategic Direction 4. Promote and scale up opportunities to foster private sector approaches for biodiversity conservation to benefit priority Key Biodiversity Areas in the seven corridors.
Promoting Nature-Based Tourism in Kosñipata–Carabaya Key Biodiversity Area of Peru
Ayuda para la Vida Silvestre Amenazada Sociedad Zoológica de Fráncfort Perú (AVISA SZF PERU)

Strategic Direction 5. Safeguard globally threatened species.
Assessing the Risk of Extinction of Plants and Updating Key Biodiversity Areas in the Tropical Andes
International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Conservation Assessment and Planning to Safeguard Globally Threatened Birds in San José de Lourdes Key Biodiversity Area of Peru
Practical Actions Regional Office for Latin America


Strategic Direction 1. Address threats to high priority species.
Photographs of Endemic and Threatened Species to Improve Awareness of the Wallacea Hotspot
Marlon, Riza

Protection of Halmahera Birds Through Nature Campaign and Law Enforcement in Indonesia
PROFAUNA Indonesia

Red-and-Blue Lory Conservation in Sampiri, Indonesia
Yayasan IDEP Selaras Alam

Strategic Direction 2. Improve management of sites (Key Biodiversity Areas) with and without official protection status.
Community Awareness for Biodiversity Conservation around the Togean Islands in Indonesia
Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI) Kota Gorontalo

Community-Based Forest Management in Ilo Wengot, Flores, Indonesia US$19,202
Yayasan Ayu Tani Mandiri

Community-Based Natural Resource Management and Spatial Planning in the Malili Lakes Complex of Sulawesi
Perkumpulan Wahana Lingkungan Lestari Celebes Area (Wallacea) Kota Palopo

Ensuring Conservation Attention to Limestone-Specific Biodiversity in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Fauna & Flora International

Expansion of Community-Based Protection of Habitat Project in Talaud, Indonesia
Yayasan IDEP Selaras Alam

Implementing Collaborative Management in Key Biodiversity Area Danau Poso, Indonesia
Perkumpulan Inovasi Komunitas

Improved Management of the Sahendarumang Forest in Sangihe, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Perkumpulan Sampiri Kepulauan Sangihe

Species and Site Conservation in the Malili Lakes Complex of Sulawesi, Indonesia
Universitas Andi Jemma Fakultas Kehutanan

Sustainable Forest Management in Western Flores, Indonesia
Forum Peduli Kawasan Mbeliling

Village Development Planning for Sustainable Key Biodiversity Area Management in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Perkumpulan Sanggar Seni Lokal dan Pengiat Media Rakyat (Salanggar)

Strategic Direction 3. Support sustainable natural resource management by communities in priority sites and corridors.
Alternative Livelihood Promotion and Sustainable Resource Use in the Bantimurung-Bulusaraung Key Biodiversity Area of Indonesia
Perkumpulan PAYO-PAYO


Capacity Building for Communities Surrounding Indonesia’s Manusela National Park
Yayasan Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (YPPM) Maluku

Collaborative Management of the Bantimurung-Bulusaraung Key Biodiversity Area in Indonesia
Perkumpulan Jurnalis Advokasi Lingkungan Celebes

Community-Based Protection of Endemic Fisheries in Lake Towuti, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Universitas Andi Jemma Fakultas Perikanan

Community Engagement for Better Management of Aketajawe National Park, Indonesia
Bidadari Halmahera

Conservation, Agriculture and Reforestation Training in Mundo Perdido Key Biodiversity Area of Timor-Leste
Centro de Desenvolvimento Comunitario

Maleo Bird Habitat Conservation in North Maluku, Indonesia
Yayasan Mia Wola

Parrot Conservation and Community Awareness Surrounding Indonesia’s Manusela National Park
Perkumpulan Konservasi Kakatua Indonesia

Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation in Coffee and Cocoa Production Systems in Bantaeng Regency, Indonesia
Rainforest Alliance

Strengthening Ridge-to-Reef Natural Resource Management in Seram-Buru Corridor in Indonesia
Yayasan Tanah Air Beta

Strengthening the Role of Indigenous Peoples in Support of Sustainable Natural Resource Management in the Manusela National Park Buffer Area, Maluku, Indonesia
Yayasan Sauwa Sejahtera

Sustainable Management of the Lake Poso Basin in Indonesia
Yayasan Panorama Alam Lestari (YPAL) Poso

Village-Level Capacity Building for Biodiversity Conservation in Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia
Yayasan Tunas Jaya

Strategic Direction 4. Strengthen community-based action to protect marine species and sites.
Community-Based Mangrove and Coastal Resource Management in the Guruapin Village
Lembaga Pesisir dan Lautan Kie Raha (eLSiL Kie Raha)

Community-Based Marine Protected Area Management in Banggai Laut, Sulawesi, Indonesia
SIKAP Institute


Community-Based Protection of the Balantak Coast, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Perkumpulan Relawan untuk Orang dan Alam (ROA)

Establish and Scale-Up Atauro Island Marine Protected Area, Timor-Leste
Coral Triangle Center Foundation

Revitalization of Local Wisdom for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Buano Island, Indonesia
Lembaga Partisipasi Pembangunan Masyarakat (LPPM)

Sea Turtle Habitat Conservation in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Yayasan Rumah Ganeca, Sulawesi Utara

Strengthening Community-Based Coastal and Marine Resources Management in Minahasa, North Minahasa, and Talaud Districts of North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
Manengkel Solidaritas

Strengthening the Protection of a Site: Key Biodiversity Area Economic Empowerment Through Regulations and Coastal Communities, Indonesia
Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Lembata (BARAKAT)

Sustainable Mangrove Forest Management in North Maluku, Indonesia
Yayasan Studi Etnologi Masyarakat Nelayan Kecil

The Preparation of the Community to Manage Mangrove and Coastal Resources Sustainably in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
JAPESDA Gorontalo

Traditional Marine Protected Area Management in Maluku, Indonesia
Baileo Maluku Foundation

Strategic Direction 5. Engage the private sector in conservation of priority sites and corridors, in production landscapes, and throughout the hotspot.
Private Sector’s Guideline for Ecosystem Conservation and Natural Infrastructure Protection in Indonesia
Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development

Strategic Direction 6. Enhance civil society capacity for effective conservation action in Wallacea.
Revision of Conservation Law and Regulations in Indonesia
Yayasan Kehutanan Masyarakat Indonesia

Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations for Effective Conservation Action in Indonesia
Penabulu Foundation

Workshop on Coastal and Marine Conservation in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Multiple Hotspots

Collective Learning Toward Achieving Shared Nature Conservation Goals
Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and


Sustainable Development
Saving Asia’s Bustards Through Sharing Knowledge Across Borders US$19,994
Wildlife Conservation Society



Photo Credits

African buffalo (Syncerus caffer), Kenya. © Olivier Langrand
Black vulture (Coragyps atratus), Bolivia. © Olivier Langrand
A climate change resilience workshop participant, Burundi. © Resilience Now – Florence Gibert