Through its support to organizations and communities in developing and transitional countries, CEPF and its grantees engaged in implementing conservation strategies in nine biodiversity hotspots during fiscal year 2017. The following charts show the approximate progress made in each hotspot in terms of grant making and conservation targets.

Mediterranean Basin

US$11.2 million 2012–2017

Eastern Afromontane

US$9.8 million 2012–2019



US$10.4 million 2013–2020

East Melanesian Islands

US$9 million 2013–2021


Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands

US$7.5 million 2015–2020

Tropical Andes

US$10 million 2015–2020



US$6 million 2014–2019


US$8 million 2016–2021


Guinean Forests of West Africa

US$9 million 2016–2021



Photo Credit

Mixed oak forests and western shore of Skadar Lake, Montenegro. © Jaime Rojo