Distribution of Funds by Category

Regional Result

Since it began making grants in 2001, CEPF has strived to safeguard some of the world’s most biologically rich ecosystems by supporting civil society in implementing stakeholder-informed conservation strategies in biodiversity hotspots.

See Global Impact for data on the results CEPF has had on a global scale through the projects implemented by its grantees within four impact categories: biodiversity, civil society, human well-being and enabling conditions.

And see Regional Results for progress being made in CEPF’s investments in biodiversity hotspots through June 2018.

Photo Credits

Sandra Saba, manager, Horsh Ehden Nature Preserve, Lebanon, in the Mediterranean Basin Biodiversity Hotspot. © O. Langrand
Shining sunbeam (Aglaeactis cupripennis). © O. Langrand