How CEPF Works

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Forest, Indonesia. © Jessica Scranton
How CEPF Works Infographic. © Frederik Hviid
Biodiversity Hotspot Infographic. © Frederik Hviid

The financial and technical support provided by CEPF and the local, national, regional and international linkages it enabled us to establish was critical for placing the Chimanimani Mountains in the center of national debates and decisions related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Mozambique.

Milagre Nuvunga Co-founder and executive director, MICAIA, Mozambique

The management committee of the reserve took our model at Tambopata and used it to strengthen the management of the huge neighboring reserve Bahuja Sonene. In addition, the project galvanized community attention against the gold mining and made the authorities pay attention to the issue for the first time.

Victor Zambrano President, Tambopata Management Committee, Peru